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Christian Burial Planning

To help those who are experiencing this difficult time in life, below is information to help plan a Mass of the Christian burial including readings, music selection, etc. For further questions, please contact the Parish Office at (302) 422-5123 or (302) 398-8269.

Catholics believe that at death “Life is changed, not ended.” Death is a passage to a new and fuller life, and ultimately to resurrection and eternal union with God. We are temples of the Holy Spirit and marked with the seal of the Holy Spirit from our baptism. We respect and honor the bodies of our dead and their places of rest.  It is in this time of need that we prepare the deceased always marking with dignity and reverence and never with the despair of those who have no hope.  We should turn to prayer in this time of sorrow.  We will receive the necessary grace and consoling assurances of our faith through prayer.

For the final disposition of the body, it is the ancient Christian custom to bury or entomb the bodies of the dead in a consecrated and holy place. Death brings a deep sense of sadness and loss, faith provides solace and strength. It is in this time that we encounter the things of God and our belief in Him in a new way. It is a time for us to support and console one another—especially in our belief in the gift of eternal life.

The funeral liturgy referred to as the Mass of Christian burial emphasizes life.  The theme is resurrection and the readings, hymns, and prayers reflect the overall tone of expectant joy.


Read more about the Three Stations of the Rite for a Christian burial.

Piano Keys

View and listen to options for music during the Funeral Liturgy.

Priest's Desk

Learn more about the ceremonies and symbols that are part of our faith and the Christian burial.

Morning Flower

View frequently asked questions about Catholic funeral services.

Bible Lessons

View and download options for scripture readings for the Funeral Mass.

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Church Hall Rental

The Parish Hall at St. John's and St. Bernadette's is available for rent for Parish family gatherings. Please contact the office for more information.

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