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Music for the Funeral Liturgy

Whether planning the Funeral liturgy of a loved one or pre-planning your own, the music you select can say a lot about what you, your family and loved ones believe.  Secular music, even though it may reflect on the background, character, interests, or personal preferences of the deceased or mourners, is not appropriate for a funeral Mass.  We hope that the guideline below will serve to help you select music that can provide comfort and strength to the families and friends of the deceased.

In the funeral liturgy, below are the opportunities for hymns:

1.  Entrance Song (when we enter the church)
2.  Song at the Presentation of the Gifts
3.  Song during Communion
4.  Closing Song (when we recess to the rear of the church)

Below are suggestions for music, please coordinate with the Parish Music Director on selections and placement during the mass.

Music Suggetions

These are the most commonly selected hymns for funeral Masses. Please click the link to hear a sample of the song:

Other appropriate hymns for funeral Masses include:

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